frequently asked questions

Q: What is all about?
A: is all about helping charities. The idea is that people or businesses will advertise (an image and up to 6 links) on the pixel grid starting at $1 per pixel. The grid will be displayed on this website for at least 5 years and on the iPhone/iPod Touch app. Additionally, each time someone advertises, the information will be sent out to all of our Twitter and Facebook followers. When the advertising space completely fills up, will donate at least $50,000 to McMaster Children's Hospital.

In short, people advertise on the grid, reach millions of users, take part in something amazing, and most importantly, help out a great charity in the process. <top>
Q: Why McMaster Children's Hospital (Mac Kids)?
A: Two reasons: (1) Mac Kids is an amazing facility that provides exceptional care for young children everywhere. (2) The creator of is a McMaster University Engineering & Management alumni and is currently working on his MBA at Mac. Let's just say he has a thing for McMaster. <top>
Q: Can I share the current pixel count on my website?
A: Absolutely. We thank you in advance for your interest in supporting Pixels 4 Charities. Just include the following HTML:
<a href="" title="Pixels 4 Charities" target="_blank">
<img src=""
alt="Pixels 4 Charities pixel count" border="0" width="250" height="100"></a>
It will look like this:

Pixels 4 Charities pixel count

Q: The pixel idea is so 2005. Why are you doing it again?
A: You're right that the $1 pixel grid isn't original, but remember Apple didn't invent the mp3 player, it just produced the iPod and completely blew everyone away. isn't claiming to re-invent the wheel on this one. We came up with a new and innovative method to advertise (through social media and Apple's App Store) AND raise money for charity! <top>
Q: Where will the ads be visible?
A: All ads are guaranteed to remain on for a minimum of 5 years from the launch date of the website (continuing until at least December 1, 2014). They will also be on the Pixls4Charity iPhone app and posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. <top>
Q: Why is there a minimum number of pixels required?
A: The minimum size is a 10 pixels by 10 pixels square. The size restriction is imposed so that your image and ad is actually visible and clickable. <top>
Q: Can I choose the location of my pixels?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees regarding the location of your advertisement. Requests will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis. The minimum size is a 10 pixels by 10 pixels square. The size restriction is imposed so that your image and ad is actually visible and clickable. <top>
Q: Will I get a tax credit since the money will be donated to a charity?
A: Unfortunately not. Since you are investing in advertising space, you should look into writing this off as a business expense. A portion of the advertising revenue will be donated after the advertising space completely fills up.<top>
Q: If you're donating at least $50,000, where's the rest of the money going?
A: We will be donating at least $50,000 to Mac Kids. This is a portion of the proceeds. The rest of the money will be divided into three major groups: (1) Future projects (we have tons of cool, innovative ideas for the future!), (2) Development costs (paying the people who made all of this happen), and (3) Future maintenance/development costs to run this website for at least 5 years. <top>
Q: How do I know the money will actually be donated?
A: We have been in contact with the Corporate & Community Fundraising department at McMaster Children's Hospital and filled out all of the required paperwork to register this fundraising initiative with them.  They are extremely excited about this idea and we are working closely with them to accomplish our goal and fill up the advertising space as soon as possible. <top>