2 ways to help...


Advertising is the best and most important way to help. This idea is only as good as its advertisers. The money raised through advertising will be used to donate a minimum of $50,000 to charity.

Purchase advertising for as little as $1 per pixel.  Submit an image and some links and you're set. Sit back and watch as millions of users see your ad and visit your links.

Pixels4Charities.com is eager and optimistic that it will reach out to at least 1,000,000 unique users...showing your ads to each and every one of them. What are you waiting for?? Advertise here.


Sharing is a great thing isn't it? Sharing something great is even better! Share this website, share the app, and share the wealth! Pass this along to at least one person and you will be helping out. Share it with someone who advertises and you can consider yourself a life saver!

Ways to Share

We greatly appreciate any help in the sharing department. Use these methods to help spread the word:

  • Share with your friends using any of these
  • Get the free iPhone/iPod Touch app and show your friends
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Remember, Pixels4Charities.com will donate a minimum $50,000 to McMaster Children's Hospital when the advertising space fills up, so start sharing!

Pixls4Charity - "the app"

Pixls4Charity iPhone App

In addition to this website, the app is an advertising gateway to over 50 million1 iPhone/iPod Touch users around the world. The app is FREE to anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch and looks just like our pixels page.

It contains all of the advertising and allows it's users to visit any link from the pixel grid.

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